Book Review – Talking to Tweenies


    Elizabeth Hartley-Brewer

    Hodder Mobius

    ISBN 0340734418, £10.99

    Star Rating: 2/5

    Hartley-Brewer offers some practical and sensible advice about
    helping your child as they grow up. She describes ways in which to
    build their confidence through positive and thoughtful caring,
    writes Geoff Corbishley. 

    But it does have weaknesses: its target audience appears to be
    white parents in stable relationships. Nods to other cultures or
    family structures are mostly tokenistic.

    There is an unstated assumption that the parents have a sound
    relationship with the child and some readers may find the style,
    with its lists of what to do, annoying.

    The book has limited use for care professionals and foster

    Geoff Corbishley is a professional foster

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