Homelessness statistics published by ODPM

    The number of people becoming homeless in England has fallen by
    6 per cent from 2003-4, according to government statistics released
    today by John Prescott’s office, writes Maria

    New homelessness cases have fallen for the fifth consecutive
    time, while there has been a 23 per cent reduction over the last
    year in the number of households living in bed and breakfast
    accommodation, the figures published by the Office of the Deputy
    Prime Minister show.

    Less than six per cent of all households in temporary
    accommodation, including vulnerable single people, are in bed and
    breakfast hotels, compared to the historic peak of 47 per cent in

    The figures, published by the Office of the Deputy Prime
    Minister, also showed that 38 per cent of homeless applications
    were made by people whose parents, relatives or friends were no
    longer able, or willing, to accommodate them.

    A further 19 per cent of homeless applicants cited a breakdown
    of a relationship with a partner, with around two-thirds of these
    cases involving violence. An additional 12 per cent of households
    were homeless due to the end of an assured short-hold tenancy.

    The ODPM is also publishing its new homelessness strategy today
    to further reduce and prevent homelessness, including a target to
    cut the number of households living in temporary accommodation by
    half by 2010.

    The strategy, ‘Sustainable Communities: settled homes,
    changing lives,’ aims to take forward measures announced in
    the ODPM’s five-year plan to provide more settled homes and
    tackle the wider symptoms of homelessness including action on
    health, employment, relationship breakdown and services for

    The ODPM’s strategy can be found at: http://www.odpm.gov.uk/homelessness



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