Rethink calls for better services for people with severe mental health problems

Around 50,000 people with severe mental health problems are
having their mental, physical and social needs ignored, according
to a report published today by the charity Rethink severe mental
illness, writes Clare Jerrom.

The report comes a year after the charity first urged ministers
to realise the needs of people with long-term mental health
problems and their carers whose needs have been neglected through
reforms to the mental health system.

“First and foremost they [the forgotten generation] want
to be remembered, to be seen and heard and to be included in the
reforms taking place across health and social care,” said
Cliff Prior, chief executive of Rethink.

The report highlights how service users are frequently relying
on services which are being closed to fund other services.  In
addition, this group are shunned by services due to a strict
referral criteria.

The charity calls on GP practices to offer more services to the
forgotten generation, including physical health checks and has
launched an action pack to offer advice on self-management, health
checks, medication reviews and how to campaign for better

Prior concluded: “The Forgotten Generation want to take
greater control over their lives and should be offered real choice
and effective involvement in planning their mental health care.

‘Action Stations’ from

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