Thursday 12th May

By Simeon Brody and Amy Taylor

Care poor for critically ill

Nearly half the critically ill patients who died in hospitals
had received inadequate care, according to the National
Confidential Enquiry into Patient Outcome and Death.

It found that 47 per cent had received care classified as
“less than good practice”.

Source:- The Times Thursday 12 May 2005 page 2

Travellers on stud

A family of travellers have set up camp on a racehorse stud farm
owned by the head of Chrysalis Records.

The travellers have moved ten caravans, cars, lorries and a
motorhome into the land near Chedworth, Gloucestershire.

Source:- The Times Thursday 12 May 2005 page 2

Shoppers win ban on boys in the hoods

Hooded tops and baseball caps have been banned from the walkways
and escalators of Bluewater shopping centre in Kent where swearing
is also banned, as part of a crackdown on anti-social

Source:- The Times Thursday 12 May 2005 page 23

Girl branded a witch tells of torture

A 10-year-old girl denounced as a witch described how she was
tortured, starved and threatened with death, at the Old Bailey

The girl’s aunt and Sita Kisanga, 35, from Hackney, deny
child cruelty and conspiracy to murder. Two other defendants deny
child cruelty.

Source:- The Times Thursday 12 May 2005 page 25

School refuses a place to boy who lives next

A four-year-old boy who lives next door to his local primary
school has been prevented from attending because his parents did
not tick the right box – stating a preference for religious
education – on the application form.

Source:- The Times Thursday 12 May 2005 page 31

Two remanded on baby death

Paul O’Neil, 32, and Jodie Taylor, 19, were remanded in
custody by Newcastle magistrates charged with the murder of their
three-month-old son Aaron.

A post-mortem examination showed the baby had suffered more than
30 injuries including fractures and internal damage.

Source:- The Guardian Thursday 12 May 2005 page 6

School fights to save pupils from

St John’s RC primary school in Rochdale is campaigning to
prevent the deportation of seven pupils and their families after
being told their final appeals have failed.

They believe the international convention for the rights of the
child should offer the children some protection.

Source:- The Guardian Thursday 12 May 2005 page 13

Scottish news

Schools chiefs in the dock over bullying

More than a dozen schools in Edinburgh have not recorded a
single case of bullying over the past three years, it has been

Education groups have criticised the figures as
“worrying” and accused schools of not doing enough to
tackle bullying.

Source:- Edinburgh Evening News Thursday 11 May

HIV-case man to be detained in clinic

A man who infected his girlfriend with HIV was due to be
detained in a psychiatric hospital yesterday.

Christopher Walker, 34, had been charged with repeatedly having
sex with a woman despite having the disease and not being concerned
with the consequences, but he was found to be insane and unfit to
stand trial.

Source:- The Scotsman Thursday 11 May

Former youth leader at Souter church guilty of abusing

A former youth group leader at a church attended by Stagecoach
businessman Brian Souter was convicted of sexually abusing boys

Jeremy “Jerry” Dawson was found guilty of molesting
four boys at his former family home in Perth in the 1990s at the
High Court in Edinburgh.

He was told that he faced a “substantial” jail

Source:- The Scotsman Thursday 11 May

Welsh news

Calls to supervise parents of Asbo children

A Conservative Welsh assembly member has called for supervision
orders to be introduced for parents whose children breach
anti-social behaviour orders.

Brynle Williams said there was a need to look at where
children’s disruptive behaviour stemmed from.

Source:- Western Mail Thursday 11 May


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