Research Review: Improving behaviour through therapeutic approaches


Edited by Saul Becker, Excellence in Cities

ISBN 0907274412, £15

Star Rating: 4/5

This is a fascinating piece of research conducted within
Learning Support Units (LSUs) in Nottingham, between September 2002
and April 2004, writes Ian Wheeler.

The first part of the book assesses the therapeutic approaches
project in Nottingham, and the second part reviews other

The problem with the first section is that because the project
is so recent, it is unable to offer any hard evidence as to whether
the approaches used within the Nottingham LSUs have any long-term
benefits for the pupils involved. However, the anecdotal evidence
does offer some thought-provoking comments.
The second section contains excellent information, coupled with
research evidence, on 31 different therapeutic approaches, which
are currently used with pupils with social, emotional and
behavioural difficulties.

The information is balanced and objective and offers
practitioners useful insight into what approaches are

The book is well presented and put together, and I’m sure will
become an invaluable resource for staff working in this area.

Ian Wheeler is training manager for Blackpool Council’s
education and children’s services.

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