Friday 13 May 2005

By Simeon Brody, Clare Jerrom and Amy Taylor

Increase in immigrants “leads to expansion”

A rise in immigration leads to economic expansion and not to job
losses, according to an authoritative report published today.

The study, funded by the Economic and Social Research Council, said
politicians tended to respond more to popular beliefs than

Source:- Financial Times Friday 13 May 2005 page 3

Blair set on collision course with critics

Tony Blair will use the next parliamentary session to take on the
opponents of his market-based reforms of public services. He will
also prioritise a crackdown on binge drinking, a ban on knives and
action against loan sharks.

Source:- Financial Times Friday 13 May 2005 page 3

Ministers set the sights on yob culture

The government will publish a green paper aimed at addressing
concerns about drop-outs it believes create havoc on the streets
because they have little to do with their free time.

A Whitehall insider said: “More needs to be done to help
those who have been characterised as Vicky Pollards”.

Source:- Financial Times Friday 13 May 2005 page 3

Top judge urges end to rise in use of jail sentences

The lord chief justice has called for a halt to the
“continuing rise in the use of imprisonment”. Lord
Woolf said the increase in jail sentences had proved unsuccessful
in preventing re-offending by former prisoners.

Source:- Financial Times Friday 13 May 2005 page 3

Private schools urged to take expelled pupils

The most prestigious independent schools should take in disruptive
pupils who have been expelled from the state system, according the
Sir Cyril Taylor, chair of the Specialist Schools Trust.

Source:- The Independent Friday 13 May 2005 page 19

Hewitt’s £3bn deal to double use of private
sector in NHS angers union

The NHS is to more than double its use of the private sector to
operate on patients in waiting lists in England, Patricia Hewitt
will reveal today.

Private healthcare corporations will be awarded new contracts worth
more than £3 billion over the next five years.

Source:- The Guardian Friday 13 May 2005 page 3

Dead patient in shower for four days

A patient lay undiscovered in a shower in St James’s
Hospital, Leeds, for four days after killing himself, an inquest
heard yesterday.

The man, who was considered a suicide risk, left his bed unnoticed
and locked himself in an out-of-order cubicle where he slashed his
throat with a razor blade in May 2003.

Source:- Daily Telegraph Friday 13 May 2005 page 10

Scottish news

Teacher is cleared as boy admits blow was accidental

A teacher was cleared yesterday of assaulting one of his pupils as
the trial collapsed after just 35 minutes.

Stephen McCormack was cleared after the 14-year-old schoolboy
admitted the blow had probably been accidental and he had made the
incident appear “worse than it was”.

Source:- The Scotsman  Friday 13 May 2005

Ministers ‘are lying’ over discipline in

Ministers will be accused today of lying in a bid to hide the true
extent of pupil indiscipline in schools.

President of the Scottish Secondary Teachers’ Association,
Alan Mckenzie, will say that  classroom discipline is “the
single most important issue” facing the education system at
the union’s annual conference in Peebles.

Source:- The Scotsman  Friday 13 May

Teacher gets 12 years for rape

A teacher was jailed for 12 years yesterday after he was convicted
of rape and sexual abuse committed around 35 years ago.

James Boyle committed the offences when aged between 14 and 20 and
was placed on the sex offenders’ register.

Source:- The Scotsman  Friday 13 May 2005

Teenager admits killing girlfriend and burning body

An 18-year-old man yesterday admitted murdering a 16-year-old
childcare student before dumping her body in a wheelie bin.

Colyn Evans pleased guilty to killing Karen Dewar at the High Court
in Edinburgh.

He will be sentenced today.

Source:- The Herald  Friday 13 May 2005

Call for prisons shake-up

Ministers will today be urged to make radical changes to their
prisons policy by the Scottish Consortium on Crime and Criminal

Their report calls for politicians to consider capping the prison
population to try and reduce Scotland’s high rates of
imprisonment and re-offending.

Source:- The Herald  Friday 13 May 2005

Welsh news

Mum confesses daughter suicide heartbreak

A mother yesterday spoke of how she had become heartbroken when her
13-year-old daughter committed suicide in September.

Laura, who was being bullied, died after taking 46 painkillers in a
suicide pact with her best friend.

Source:- Western Mail Friday 13 May 2005

Teach kids to respect, Blair tells parents

The prime minister has said that some children need to be more
disciplined at home to ensure that we have a society where people
respect each other.

Tony Blair, speaking at a Downing Street press conference, said
that when he was out campaigning he had noticed the need for more

Source:- Western Mail Friday 13 May 2005


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