Yot staff banned from wearing hoods and caps

The chair of the Association of Youth Offending Team Managers
has banned staff at her Bournemouth Yot from wearing hooded tops or
baseball caps to work.

Pauline Batstone’s decision to amend the Yot’s staff
dress code followed the Prime Minister’s endorsement of Blue
Water Shopping Centre’s ban on young people in hoods and
baseball caps.

In an email to staff, Batstone said she appreciated the position
of shopping centres who perceived hoods and caps as a uniform worn
by gangs to identify themselves and avoid arrest, and understood
why Blue Water had introduced the ban.

“To remove the possibility of any confusion and the
possibility of frightening the neighbours, in future [Bournemouth]
Yot staff will be banned from the office if they turn up wearing
baseball caps and hoods and, thus attired, congregate in groups of
more than two at any time,” Batstone told her staff.

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