Avoid evictions, landlords told

Avoid evictions, landlords told The government has called on social
landlords to use eviction as a last resort after figures revealed a
massive increase in the numbers of homes being repossessed.

Government research has found that repossessions have more than
doubled in the 10 years up to 2003 with more than 26,000 tenants
being evicted annually.

The main causes for eviction identified are rent arrears and
antisocial behaviour. The research concludes that social landlords
need to employ policies to prevent rent arrears occurring.

It adds that where arrears are continuing to build up, social
landlords should help tenants to recover them early on through
measures such as debt management plans. They should also refer
tenants to debt advice services.

  • The Office of the Deputy Prime Minister has published guidance
    for social landlords advising them on how to reduce evictions,
    available from www.odpm.gov.uk

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