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This is a brand new website launched by John Pring, journalist and
author of Silent Victims, the book that detailed the
shocking Longcare abuse scandal, where many people with learning
difficulties were abused in their longstay residential home. There
is no doubt that Pring’s investigative work to date has highlighted
the grim reality of this issue, writes Rebecca

The easy-to-use website is very much a work-in-progress and to date
includes only a limmited amount of information. But I can see the
potential that a site like this has to highlight the abuse of
people with learning difficulties. It also has the potential to
ensure that the subject, which is rarely covered in mainstream
media, has a presence on the web and in the public

There is some background information about the Justice for
Survivors campaign calling for a 10-year sentence for a person who
caused harm to a vulnerable adult, and a news section, where recent
stories are covered.

Perhaps a future development could be a more interactive section so
that people can share information through a message board.

Rebecca Seden is policy and campaigns officer for Respond,
Voice UK and Ann Craft Trust

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