Thursday 7 July 2005

By Clare Jerrom and Simeon Brody

The Times

Chaos over expulsions of Zimbabwe

The Home Secretary’s policy to deport Zimbabwean asylum
seekers was in disarray last night as Home Office officials argued
over whether a ban on expulsions has been imposed.

An immigration tribunal hearing in London was told that forced
deportations had been halted but the Home Office said they knew
nothing of the change in policy.

Under the controversial scheme, scores of Zimbabweans has been
forcibly expelled in recent weeks.

Source:- The Times  Thursday 7 July page 7

Asbo adviser who sneered at policy will keep her job

Louise Casey is likely to keep her job as Tony Blair’s chief
adviser on antisocial behaviour despite giving a speech ridiculing
ministers and government policy.

Downing Street said Tony Blair had high regard for Casey’s
achievements in public services.

Casey is expected to apologise for her comments.

Source:- The Times  Thursday 7 July page 13

Professor who misled Sally Clark trial says he is
profoundly sorry

Sir Roy Meadow yesterday made his first public apology for giving
misleading evidence in Sally Clark’s trial which led to her
wrongful conviction for the murder of her children.

The GMC hearing continues.

Source:- The Times  Thursday 7 July page 19

‘Millions lost in asylum costs’

The government is paying millions of pounds over market rates for
accommodation for asylum seekers, according to a report

The National Audit Office report shows that accommodation for each
asylum seeker costs between £8,430 and £10,150 a year and
more than  40 per cent of the accommodation lies empty.

Source:- The Times  Thursday 7 July page 28

Daily Mail

Children to sit in judgement

Teenagers will sit in a former magistrates’ court at the
Guidhall in Hull and rule on non-criminal acts such as bullying,
truancy and disruptive behaviour.

Youngsters from five local schools will be sent to New York over
the summer to observe a similar scheme in Brooklyn before returning
to study law and court procedure.

Source:- Daily Mail  Thursday 7 July page 37

The Guardian

TB immunisation to be targeted at high-risk

The national vaccination programme against tuberculosis, in
which most children aged 13-14 were immunised is to be replaced by
targeted use of the BCG vaccine for babies and older people in
high-risk communities.

Infants in their first few months of life will be immunised in
up to 20 local authority areas with relatively high rates of

Source:- The Guardian Thursday 7 July 2005 page 9

Youth detained for “cowardly”

A drunken teenager on an Asbo who killed a good Samaritan with a
cowardly punch from behind was sentenced to three years

Gary Prescott, 16, of Downhill in Sunderland, who pleaded guilty
to manslaughter and breaching an Asbo, bragged after hitting the
father of three that he “had knocked a bloke out with one
punch”. The 52-year-old had approached a gang of teenagers
after a neighbour reported that a girl had been attacked.

Source:- The Guardian Thursday 7 July 2005 page 16

Town halls reassured on council tax reform

The man charged with trying to reform council tax tried to calm
town hall jitters that ministers will cancel the politically
dangerous revaluation of voters’ homes due in 2007.

Sir Michael Lyons confirmed that he is still on course to
deliver his report on the tax to Whitehall later this year.

Source:- The Guardian Thursday 7 July page

Daily Telegraph

 Girl, 11, found dead in bed still holding aerosol

 A mother discovered her 11-year-old daughter dead in bed, still
clutching the aerosol can of deodorant from which fumes had killed
her, an inquest was told.

Charlotte Henshaw died of a heart attack brought on by the
effects of inhaling butane at the family home in Burwell. The
coroner recorded a verdict of accidental death.

Source:- The Daily Telegraph Thursday 7 July 2005 page

Welsh news

Health spending falls behind rest of UK

Health spending in Wales has fallen behind the rest of the UK
despite the nation’s chronic health problems according to
official Treasury figures which show Wales has fallen from third to
sixth position in the health spending league table of Europe.

Source:- IC Wales  Thursday 7 July

High cost for a family raising a disabled child

Raising a disabled child costs three times more than bringing up a
non-disabled child, leaving many families in debt and living in
poverty according to a report by the New Philanthropy

Source:- IC Wales  Thursday 7 July

Baby in attic case: DNA move

The grandmother at the centre of the baby in the attic
investigation could face further charges following DNA testing,
police have said.

Ann Mahoney is due to appear before Merthyr Tydfil magistrates
today in connection with trying to conceal the birth of a child by
disposing of the body between January 1951 and March 2005.

Source:- IC Wales  Thursday 7 July


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