A superb response

The aftermath of the London bomb attacks saw a shining example of
joint working in action. Social care staff worked side-by-side with
hospital workers to support casualties and ensure their smooth
discharge. And within 12 hours of a request by government, a family
assistance centre was up and running offering practical and
emotional support to relatives of those feared dead.

Meanwhile, elsewhere across the capital, social care staff have
risen to the challenge of ensuring existing services have not been

They have also given up their free time to support both victims and
families as well as the emergency workers engaged in the harrowing
task of dealing with the aftermath of the carnage.

Tributes have quite rightly been pouring in praising the sterling
efforts of medical staff, nurses, fire-fighters and police but, as
ever, social care’s behind-the-scenes role has been largely
unremarked on.

Without pre-empting the results of our web poll this week, wouldn’t
it be great if, just for once, the unsung heroes and heroines of
social care who have played their part in responding to last
Thursday’s horrors, received the recognition they so richly

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