The Big question

Are race relations in the UK on a downward spiral?

Jaya Kathrecha – Carer
Since the bombings I have had to abandon my traditional
Hindu dress as I became uncomfortable with the stares I seemed to
provoke as an Asian. Community relations have been damaged but I
believe our mixed society is strong enough to withstand the actions
of a few deluded individuals. But we need to look at how we preach

Kierra Box – Young people’s activist
Any damage to relations is a result of foreign policy
which repeatedly paints muslim nations as the enemy and newspaper
coverage of the bombings which focuses on the ethnicity rather than
the grievances of those who carried them out. More dialogue and
understanding must be our tools to increase tolerance.

Len Smith – Gypsy activist
I place the blame for the downward spiral in race
relations firmly on the tabloid press. They care little how their
reporting will affect minorities. My own culture saw an instant
rise in hate crimes after one tabloid launched a “Stamp on the
camps” campaign. An independent body should take over from the
Press Complaints Commission.

Richard West – Inspired Services
I am worried about the backlash against muslims and I
think many innocent people will now be treated as suspects. Of
course this is not the first time religious groups have been
targeted in this way. But it must be handled sensitively by the
police and others. We need to understand more about each other and
our communities and avoid stereotypes.   

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