‘Proposals ignore role of social work’

The vital role played by experienced social workers in child
protection has not been given enough emphasis in new government
proposals, the British Association of Social Workers claims.

Its professional officer for England, Nushra Mapstone, said social
work was “anonymous” in a “significant part” of the consultation on
safeguarding children launched at the end of July.

She claimed that while the government, by introducing protection of
title, had made sure that “not just anybody can call themselves a
social worker”, the consultation needed to be “much more robust and
positive” about the role of social workers.

She said: “We can confidently claim that when it comes to
safeguarding children social workers are likely to be the lead
professionals in every sense of the word, yet we are hardly
afforded this status as the main headline act in these proposals.
This will neither
strengthen our standing among other professionals or the

Lord Laming’s report into the death of Victoria ClimbiŽ
highlighted child protection was a highly complex task, Mapstone
added, but the consultation failed to send a similar message.

The consultation also outlines plans to scrap the child protection

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