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Who’s doing it? Iain Speed.

Where? I work for Tact South, a voluntary
organisation supporting disabled people.covering Surrey and

Job description: Developing a new service
offering training, journalism and public speaking on disability.
The goal is for the project to be managed, run and delivered by
disabled people.

My role also includes promoting the idea of disabled people
choosing and purchasing care/support packages that best fit their

Skills/qualifications needed:  My business
management qualification, career in management and running a small
business have helped.  I have cerebral palsy, my catalyst for being

Pay: £17,000.

What’s the job like?

If you read “Iain Speed, project development manager,
Tact” on a delegate list at a conference, you might make
certain assumptions about me from my job title. As a manager I have
a certain professional respect, unfortunately this can be
challenged in people’s minds when they meet me, because I
have cerebral palsy. Some people believe I have a learning
difficulty, which can be trying. Others don’t take me
seriously as a professional because of my disability. 

My daily routine includes building relationships with clients,
seeking potential work and developing a professional reputation
through networking and writing articles.  We use the media a lot
for marketing purposes, both local and national.

This job is exciting as I meet new people, so the satisfaction
is immense. However it can be frustrating when things don’t
quite work out, such as when training sessions are postponed.  The
management team is inspiring by their professional support, which
makes my decision to work for Tact a good one.

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