Understanding Sensory Dysfunction

Book Review, Understanding Sensory Cover

Understanding Sensory Dysfunction
Polly Godwin Emmons, Liz McKendry Anderson
Published by Jessica Kingsley
£12.95, ISBN 1843108062


A good proportion of this book is devoted to recognising and understanding the very complex nature of sensory integration and sensory dysfunction, writes Janet Baker.

It explains the difficulties parents, teachers and children experience, and how sensory dysfunction is often linked to other diagnoses such as ADHD, autism and Aspergers syndrome. The ultimate goal of this book is to help children with sensory dysfunction, and the adults in their lives, gain a better understanding of themselves and the world around them.

The authors are both parents and teachers who have travelled this journey with their own children. It is a supportive book for parents, carers and teachers, presenting information and strategies for the reader to enable them to have a greater awareness of the behaviour and associated symptoms.

The information is rooted in real case studies and practical solutions, which are useful in helping the reader understand the complexities of this condition.

The American context of the book can be off-putting, but the overall message applies to children and agencies across the world.

Janet Baker is a primary head teacher in Devon

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