Monday 12 September 2005

By Maria Ahmed, Simeon Brody, Clare Jerrom and Amy

Force selects first migrant specialist

Devon and Cornwall police force has appointed an officer
dedicated to protecting migrant workers from exploitation by

Source:- The Daily Telegraph Saturday 10 September 2005
page 2

House price rise blow for Prescott

The Office of the Deputy Prime Minister is paying home-owners up
to £80,000 a house in Victorian streets that are to be
demolished in the Midlands and North.

That is more than double the price of three years ago, with the
scheme having the intention of kick-starting the housing market in
areas where it has collapsed.

Source:- The Daily Telegraph Saturday 10 September 2005
page 6

Teenager killed friend for “pinching his
girl’s bottom”

A teenager was jailed for two and a half years for manslaughter
after killing a school friend who was videoed with a mobile phone
as he lay dying.

The attack was motivated by the victim once pinching the bottom of
the attacker’s girlfriend.

Source:- The Daily Telegraph Saturday 10 September 2005
page 7                       

Women’s jail to become men’s

Buckley Hall women’s prison in Rochdale is to change its
role to provide 350 extra places for adult men, in the light of
record prison numbers.

Source:- The Guardian Saturday 10 September 2005 page

Rapist aged 14

A teenage boy was convicted at Liverpool Crown Court of raping a
22-year-old woman after an attack at knifepoint. Sentencing was

Source:- The Times Saturday 10 September 2005 page

Free food for the homeless lures people who are too lazy
to cook

Soup runs in London are being increasingly abused by people who
are not poor, needy or homeless, according to research by
Westminster Council that claims there is now one for every two
rough sleepers in the capital.

The council found many of London’s 65 soup runs attract
people with homes from all over London, who regard them as a
convenient, free catering service.

Source:- The Times Saturday 10 September 2005 page 16

Care worker jailed

Deborah Cafolla, 43, a care home worker from Huntingdon, has
been jailed for life for killing two elderly women in a fire that
she started herself in order to make herself a hero in the eyes of

Northampton Crown Court heard that she set fire to the Paxton Hall
home in Cambridgeshire.

Source:- The Times Saturday 10 September 2005 page

Smack your child and you will go to prison

Parents who smack their children should face jail, according to
advice from the Sentencing Advisory Panel.

Source:- Daily Mail Saturday 10 September 2005 page

Ecstasy moves out of the nightclubs and into the hands
of 10-year-olds

The drug that epitomised the acid house of the late 1980s is now
being taken 20 at a time by children to relieve the boredom and
trauma of their everyday lives.

Source:- The Independent on Sunday Sunday 11 September
2005 page 8

Abortion clinic offers cash incentives to women to have

A private abortion clinic is offering financial kickbacks to
women with late-term pregnancies to entice them into having illegal

Source:- The Sunday Telegraph Sunday 11 September 2005
page 8

Teachers to tackle rise in assaults by

Parents are increasingly assaulting teachers and their behaviour
is being aped by their children in the classroom, according to the
new leader of the National Association of Head Teachers.

Source:- The Sunday Telegraph Sunday 11 September 2005
page 13

Church attacks safe sex drive

Church leaders yesterday attacked a safe sex campaign which
intends to hand out 30,000 ‘Shag Bags’ to student
starting university.

As part of a safe-sex campaign, Manchester radio station Key 103
will distribute condoms and advice on preventing sexually
transmitted diseases.

Source:- The Observer Sunday 11 September 2005 page

Police crisis as Vietnamese gangs flood drugs

Police in swaths of London are being ‘overwhelmed’
by Vietnamese gangs flooding the streets with high-strength,
home-grown cannabis.

Source:- The Observer Sunday 11 September 2005 page

Call fore more therapists to end Prozac

Thousands of people are on prescriptions for anti-depression
drugs such as Prozac because of a lack of therapists who could be
much more effective in treating the condition.

Tommorow (Monday) Richard Layard, the eminent professor and Labour
Peer will call for 10,000 new therapists to be trained over the
next five to 10 years.

Source:- The Observer Sunday 11 September 2005 page

Boarding schools for children in care

Thousands of places will be created at boarding schools for
children in care under plans being drawn up for ministers.

A new generation of boarding academies would be built as part of
the largest expansion of boarding provision for decades, covering
state and independent schools. The proposals are being prepared by
Sir Cyril Taylor, a senior adviser to Ruth Kelly, the Education

Source: – The Times Monday 12 September 2005 page

Crippled former prisoner gets £1m

Gregg Marston, a former convict, has won more than £1
million compensation from the Prison Service after being left
crippled when a doctor failed to send him for an urgent
examination. His case centres on his treatment at Chelmsford jail
in Essex in February 2000.

Source: – The Times Monday 12 September 2005 page

Baby finally laid to rest with love

The remains of an unidentified baby girl known as Lara found
buried in concrete in the Cumbrian hamlet of Barepot, near
Workington in September 2002 have been buried.

A coroner returned a verdict of unlawful killing. Police are
continuing in their efforts to discover her identity and her

Source: – The Times Monday 12 September 2005 page

Ministers plan the biggest shake-up of the welfare state
for 60 years

The government is to embark on the biggest shake-up of the state
benefits system for 60 years, according to David Blunkett, the work
and pensions secretary.

He disclosed that a Green Paper he will publish next month will go
much wider than the plan to reform benefits for the sick and
disabled trailed in Labour’s election manifesto.

Source: – The Independent Monday 12 September 2005 page

City Academies are just a ‘distraction,’
Morris claims

Tony Blair’s policy of replacing failing inner-city
schools with academies has come under fire from Estelle Morris, the
former education secretary, who says the scheme could be a
“distraction” from the job of achieving high

Morris, who stepped down as an MP this summer, warned that the new
schools could also become a middle-class haven and squeeze out the

Source: – The Independent Monday 12 September 2005 page

Print run of BNP paper is seized

The print run of the latest edition of the British National
Party’s newspaper has been seized by police.

Some 60,000 copies of the September issue of The Voice of Freedom
were impounded as they entered Dover yesterday.

The issue led with the headline “What about showing some
solidarity with the British people?” under the words
“Britain gets bombed but it’s Islam that gets the

Source: – The Independent Monday 12 September 2005 page

Judges may block deportations

The government faces a confrontation with judges over its
attempts to deport terrorist suspects to Middle Eastern and north
African countries with poor human rights records.

Source: – The Guardian Monday 12 September 2005 page

Inmate injured in attack at high-security

A top security is in hospital with serious injuries after being
stabbed by two other inmates after being stabbed by two other
inmates at Full Sutton high security jail near York.

Source: – The Guardian Monday 12 September 2005 page

Excluded black pupils need support, says

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation will call this week for more
support for black pupils excluded from school.

Its researcher interviewed expelled pupils aged 15-19 and found
they were four times more likely than white pupils to be
permanently excluded.

Source: – The Guardian Monday 12 September 2005 page

Secret plan to put 60,000 jobcentre posts out to

Plans to privatise tens of thousands of Whitehall staff in
jobcentres are being proposed by the government, according to a
leaked letter obtained by the Public and Commercial Services

The proposals would involve tendering for tasks such as assessing
the suitability of people for jobs and helping lone parents and
disabled people back into work.

Source: – The Guardian Monday 12 September 2005 page

Holocaust day must be scrapped say Muslim

Downing Street is facing calls from its advisers to abolish
Jewish Holocaust Memorial Day, because it is offensive to

Draft proposals to replace the day with a Genocide Day have been
drawn up by committees made up of Muslims who were appointed to
advise the Prime Minister on extremism.

Source:- The Daily Telegraph Monday 12 September 2005
page 4

Job centres plc

Ministers are secretly planning to privatise Job Centres and
benefits offices, union chiefs claimed yesterday, warning that tens
of thousands of staff could go on strike if the proposals went

Source:- The Daily Mirror Monday 12 September 2005 page

Scottish news

Help crisis for women with drink problems

Support workers have warned that there are not enough services to
cope with women who have alcohol problems in the Lothians.

Staff at Scotland’s only service designed to cope with women
who drink too much, Libra, believe much more needs to be done to
help the soaring number of women affected.

Source:- Evening News  Saturday 10 September

Minister to raise awareness of education services for

Disability minister Anne McGuire is set to launch an information
event for older people with learning difficulties in Haddington
next week.

The event aims to raise awareness of services available for
disabled people.

Source:- Evening News  Saturday 10 September

Gay hate crimes to face tougher court

People who commit crimes motivated by hatred of homosexuality will
receive a harsher sentence as a result of a crackdown by

New legislation will be introduced to make hate crimes an
aggravated offence and punishments will be more severe.

Source:- Scotland on Sunday Sunday 11 September

Driving lessons and cinema trips for pupils who behave in

Cinema tickets, limousine rides and driving lessons are to be
offered to pupils in a bid to encourage them to behave in

The system began three weeks ago at Larbert High School near
Falkirk and teachers say it has already had a positive

Source:- The Scotsman  Monday 12 September

Welsh news

Abuser dies in jail

A serial sex attacker has died while serving his sentence for
assaulting girls.

Alan David Sestanovich, 64, admitted 12 charges, including one of
rape at Cardiff Crown Court in May 2004.

He is thought to have died from a long-term illness.

Source:- South Wales Echo Saturday 10 September

Paedophile dad jailed for life

A paedophile has been jailed for life for sexually abusing his
daughter for four years.

The man, 38, drugged the eight-year-old with sleeping pills and
then filmed himself sexually assaulting her.

He was caught after a neighbour’s daughter spoke out to say
that she had also been attacked.

Source:- Western Mail Saturday 10 September

‘Some people have been swindled out of their

The NHS may have to fork out more than £1 billion to older
people or their relatives who have been incorrectly charged for
their care.

More than £5 million in reimbursements have already been paid
out to people in Wales.

Local health boards across Wales are now being asked to re-examine
assessments they have previously made to decide whether patients
are eligible for free care.

Source:- Western Mail Monday 12 September

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