TGWU launches campaign for voluntary sector workers

    A charter of rights for people working in the voluntary sector
    is to be launched today by the Transport and General Workers’
    Union at the TUC in Brighton, writes Clare

    The ACTS section of the union, which represents over 25,000
    workers in the voluntary sector, will launch the union’s
    campaign pack “Valuing the Voluntary Sector – Quality
    Conditions for Quality Services”.

    Jennie Formby, T&G national secretary for ACTS, who will be
    speaking at a fringe meeting in Brighton where all unions will be
    joining together in the campaign for change, stressed the campaign
    was vitally important for workers, employers and service users.

    “More and more we are seeing the government put pressure
    on local authorities to involve the voluntary sector in delivering
    local services. The trade unions want to make sure that those
    people involved in actually delivering the services are properly
    represented in this new and pressurised environment,” she

    She added that education secretary Ruth Kelly’s speech
    last week about education illustrated the government’s view
    that local government should move more to commissioning rather than
    delivery of services.

    The campaign pack includes briefings on campaigning for change,
    negotiators guide for model funding conditions and bargaining for

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