The Big Question

Becca Cooper – York People First
With the right support they can be good parents. One thing
that really upsets me is that when social services take the baby
away from a mum with learning difficulties they behave as if it
doesn’t matter to her. There’s no counselling, nothing. People with
learning difficulties can be as good or as bad parents as the rest
of the population.

Shaun Webster – Change self advocacy group
The government says it wants to keep families together
but it isn’t happening for people with learning difficulties. At
Change we have put together a training pack called Fighting for Our
Children. We are telling professionals we need more support. I wish
more people would listen. We can be good parents.

Joan Scott – Inspired Services
If both of you have a learning difficulty you don’t stand
much chance of keeping your children. People are terrified of
social workers as they think they will take their kids away. It’s
so bad you can’t ask for help because you don’t want to look as if
you’re not coping. And the support is just not there anyway because
there is not enough cash.

Angie Lawrence – Single mother
I work in a mainstream school and I see a lot of people
who are either unenthusiastic about being a parent or who aren’t
really up to taking on the responsibility. But no one questions
their right to have a child. I think people with learning
difficulties are capable of having a loving family but because of
prejudice they are judged much more harshly.   

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