Tuesday 4 October 2005

By Clare Jerrom, Derren Hayes and Amy Taylor

I killed two of my babies

A woman last night issued a warning to fellow mothers not to sleep
in the same bed as their children after killing two of her children
while she slept.

Lisa Briggs rolled onto four-week-old daughter Cerese and the same
thing happened three years later with five week old Keitha.

The coroner ruled both deaths as accidents.

Source:- Daily Mirror  Tuesday 4 October page 1

‘She hanged my little boy from a tree and nearly
murdered him…now she’s free to do it to someone

The parents of a small boy hung from a tree by a bully slammed
magistrates as disgusting for giving the 13-year-old attacker a
referral order and declaring the youngster as not dangerous.

A pathologist said the five year old boy was seconds from death
when he was freed from a tree five months ago.

Source:- Daily Mirror  Tuesday 4 October page 4 and

Gran dies after she starves in hospital

A 91-year-old grandmother died weighing just five stones because
hospital staff had not fed her properly, an inquest heard

Sarah Ingham lost three and a half stones in three months at
Tameside General hospital.

Coroner John Pollard recorded a verdict of accidental death.

Source:- Daily Mirror  Tuesday 4 October page 15

Public school boy is found hanged

A 16-year-old was found hanged at a public school yesterday.

Korean Seok Yoon Park was discovered unconscious sat Bromngrove
School in Worcestershire where he had been a pupil for just four

Source:- Daily Mirror  Tuesday 4 October page 24

Dad: I did kill lover and baby

A 26-year-old man yesterday admitted battering his fiancee and baby
daughter to death with a cricket bat.

Christopher Adams was remanded in custody and will be sentenced at
Exeter Crown Court.

Source:- Daily Mirror Tuesday 4 October page 26

£20K fine for death at home

A private care home was yesterday fined £20,000 after a
wheelchair-bound woman burnt to death in an employee’s

Juliet Findlay was trapped inside the vehicle on the driveway of
the Déjà vu home where she lived. A fellow resident was

Owners Robinia Care pleaded guilty to two charges under the Health
and Safety at Work Act.

Source:- Daily Mirror  Tuesday 4 October page 26

Equality chief’s assault on race dogmas

Head of the Commission for Racial equality launched an outspoken
assault on the dogmas of the race relations industry

Trevor Phillips challenged a series of beliefs and questioned
whether it might not be offensive to call people
‘coloured’ and whether it was right to excuse Muslim
pupils from wearing full school uniform.

Source:- Daily Mail  Tuesday 4 October page 1

One baby in 100 is blighted by alcohol

As many as one in 100 unborn babies is damaged by alcohol according
to research by US experts.

Official guidelines for drinking alcohol during pregnancy may be
reviewed as a result.

Source:- Daily Mail  Tuesday 4 October page 17

The pretend police costing taxpayers £1.4m

A Labour council was last night under fire for spending £1.4
million to enforce the government’s drive against antisocial

Newham Council spent the money on a ‘constabulary’ of
almost 40 officers who dress in uniforms and travel in a van with a
flashing light to enforce laws against dropping litter and

Source:- Daily Mail  Tuesday 4 October page 19

Drugs uncle jailed

A drug addict whose 13-year-old nephew died of a heroin overdose
while in his care was jailed for five years yesterday.

A jury found Sean Graham guilty of manslaughter by gross negligence
of Matthew Girvin who snorted the drug through a ballpoint pen

Source:- The Times  Tuesday 4 October page 4

Seaside resorts lose out to yobs

Families and older people may be put off going to seaside
resorts in Britain due to ‘yobbish’ behaviour and binge
drinking, an environmental charity has warned.

Encams warned that towns such as Newquay and Blackpool risked
losing business if they failed to address the antisocial

Source:- The Times  Tuesday 4 October page 20

£266m gap in cost of improving school meals

The government’s programme for improving school meals has
only been granted half the money it needs according to a review
panel set up by Ruth Kelly.

The government promised £220m to improve school food but plans
agreed by the education secretary will require £486 million to
implement leaving a shortfall of £266 million.

Source:- The Guardian  Tuesday 4 October page 4

Jail’s lifers locked up for 20 hours a day

The chief inspector of prisons warned today that some lifers at
Wakefield prison are spending more than 20 hours per day locked in
their cells as a result of insufficient activities for

Source:- The Guardian  Tuesday 4 October page 12

Stay at home advice to mothers attacked as sexist and

Research suggesting it is in the child’s best interests for
its mother to stay at home to look after the children has been
attacked as sexist and mistaken by the Equal Opportunities

It said there was no reason why a father could not spend time at
home with the children.

Source:- Daily Telegraph  Tuesday 4 October page 12

Scottish news

New laws to tackle booze and blades

First minister Jack McConnell is to take council leaders to
Manchester in an attempt to push the use of antisocial behaviour
orders, after he published a police bill intended to tackle
Scotland’s knife and drinking culture.

The first minister said part of the wide-ranging new bill –
which is the main plank of his legislative programme ahead of the
2007 election – to help police, in Glasgow above all, to
confront disorder in town and city centres. His initiative to
encourage local authorities to obtain more Asbos for those
committing low-level crime and causing disorder, is to highlight
their role in the part of England that
has seen their most extensive use.

Source:- The Herald Tuesday 4 October

20 years of missed warnings that left Hamilton free to

Police did not carry out routine checks on two decades of criminal
intelligence about Thomas Hamilton which could have prevented the
Dunblane massacre.

A report by the former deputy chief constable of Strathclyde Police
showed investigations into Hamilton’s behaviour and allegations of
child abuse and impropriety with guns dated back to the early

However, these were not checked when he applied for his certificate
to be renewed in 1996 – months later he killed 16 school
children and a teacher.

Source:- The Herald Tuesday 4 October

Welsh news

Why I hid my babies’ bodies

Babies-in-the-attic grandmother Ann Mahoney walked free from court
yesterday after admitting three charges of concealing the births of
her babies.

She said that the shame of having illegitimate children had made
her hide her stillborn babies in the attic.

Mahoney, 64, who previously lived on the Gurnos estate in Merthyr
Tydfil, had kept the births concealed for decades.

Source:- Western Mail Tuesday 4 October

Fears for missing woman

Police are concerned about the whereabouts and condition of a
missing 48-year-old woman.

Ray Watkins from Cilgerran in Pembrokeshire was last seen in Finch
Square, Cardigan, at 11am on Friday.

Source:- Western Mail Tuesday 4 October

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