Pots of Gold – Commonwealth Youth Exchange Council Grants

Commonwealth Youth Exchange Council gives travel grants to help groups of young people pay for exchange trips to other partner Commonwealth countries.

Name: Commonwealth Youth Exchange Council Grants

Contact details:
Address: Commonwealth Youth Exchange Council, 7 Lion Yard, Tremadoc Road, London  SW4 7NQ. 
Tel. 020 7498 6151
Email: mail@cyec.demon.co.uk
URL: www.cyec.org.uk

What are they?
Travel grants to help groups of young people finance two-way exchange visits with partner organisations in Commonwealth countries.

Who runs it?
The Commonwealth Youth Exchange Council, an educational charity founded in 1970 that supports youth development through two-way exchange visits for groups of young people in the UK and other Commonwealth countries.

How much money does it give away?
CYEC currently supports around 2,000 young people every year.

How big is each grant?
Grants are given for group outward visits (25 per cent to 40 per cent of return travel costs) and group incoming visits (up to 40 per cent of return travel costs). Grants are also available for advance planning grants (75 per cent of airfare for one applicant or 50 per cent of airfare for two applicants).

What else does CYEC provide?
In addition to funding travel costs, CYEC also offers information and advice on setting up exchange projects, helps organisations establish new links with suitable groups in Commonwealth countries, runs training courses and seminars for youth leaders and young people and holds a number of youth forums and events.

What kind of projects are eligible?
CYEC projects focus on issues such as health, environment and conflict resolution.

Priority is given to:

  • exchanges with Commonwealth countries in Africa, Asia and the Caribbean;
  • participants in the 16 to 25 age range;
  • young people who would not normally have such opportunities;
  • projects with evidence of real youth ownership and participation in planning;
  • programmes of joint activities with partner groups (not tours);
  • exchange groups with five to 15 members, including leaders; and
  • exchange programmes of three weeks duration.

    Who can apply?
    UK-based youth organisations such as youth clubs or organisations, community groups or schools. Grants are not usually given to organisations outside the UK.

    How do I apply?
    For a starter and registration pack send an A4 self-addressed envelope to the above address.

    When should I apply?
    Applications are invited each autumn for grants to cover the next financial year.

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