Does Ofsted do joy?

So, Ofsted is finally publishing childminder reports on its website, presumably in part to help inform parental choice. I only hope the new, improved inspection regime has a new, improved inspection report format.

I found the report for our daughter’s childminder in 2003 depressing. The reports I have seen are full of Ofsted-speak and acronyms and are seemingly designed for the benefit of Ofsted, not parents.

I was asked to complete a form commenting on our childminder’s care of our child, but these comments were not mentioned or acknowledged. If parents’ views are not meant to inform the visit why ask for them?

The report states: “X has fostered good relationships with parents through honesty, respect and working together.” Our childminder has, but how do the inspectors know? Where is the evidence?

My daughter’s face lights up as we turn onto our childminder’s drive. While she is there I feel confident that she is being cared for well and that she is happy. It would have been nice to have some of that joy and satisfaction reflected in the report. But I guess Ofsted doesn’t do joy.


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