Sex should stay within marriage

According to Simon Demetriou, as long as you are having sex responsibly there is no reason to be concerned about marriage.

This is perhaps not an uncommon attitude among young people who have been taught that condom usage is the mark of sexual responsibility. However, as many have found to their personal cost, while condoms are 85-95% effective in preventing HIV transmission when used correctly every time (a rare feat among young people), they are much less effective in providing protection from other infections.

In reality, it is simply not possible to divorce sexual responsibility from marriage and morality. Mr Demetriou suggests that “respect and openness for and with your partner” is the only moral framework required; no more, no less.

But what kind of respect is involved in engaging in a sexual relationship for “as long as we feel this way about each other”, while young people are running the risk of passing on a sexually transmitted infection (STI) which may have possible lifelong consequences?

The only way to be sure of avoiding STIs is to confine sexual intimacy to a lifelong, faithful and committed relationship between one man and one woman.

Far from “conforming to a stereotype that is rapidly dwindling in credibility”, keeping sex within marriage is the only truly responsible and respectful goal to pursue.


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