Friday 7th October 2005

NHS deal to “end two-tier

A deal that will cost NHS trusts contracting out cleaning,
catering, laundry and similar services £75m a year has been
hailed as “the beginning of the end of two-tier
workforces” by unions.

Under the deal between employers, unions and the government,
contracted-out staff in England will, from next October, be paid
the same rates as those under Agenda for Change, the health
service’s restructuring deal. 

Source:- Financial Times Friday 7 October 2005 page

Call for NHS to embrace complementary

The wider use of complementary therapies on the NHS would lead
to a healthier, happier population and possibly yield huge savings,
an inquiry commissioned by the Prince of Wales has found.

Source:- The Independent Friday 7 October 2005 page

Prisoners must be able to vote, European court

The government will investigate which prisoners should be given
the right to vote after judges in Strasbourg decided the ban was a
breach of their human rights.

Source:- The Independent Friday 7 October 2005 page

Insolence drives new teachers to consider

Classroom insolence and backchat are forcing many newly
qualified teachers to reconsider their careers just a few months
into the job, according to a survey by teaching union NASUWT.

Four in 10 have to deal with bad behaviour on an hourly basis
and 80 per cent say it is a daily occurrence, the report finds.

Source:- The Guardian Friday 7 October 2005 page 4

Inmates riot at young offender institution

Hindley young offender institution near Wigan suffered
substantial damage in a six-hour riot on Wednesday night, the
Prison Service has confirmed. The disturbance began when 26 inmates
refused to return to their cells.

Source:- The Guardian Friday 7 October 2005 page 14

Repay tax credit, ministers tell a million

More than one million families are to be ordered to repay child
tax credit overpayments, it emerged last night. The families will
shortly receive letters demanding payment for sums that could run
into thousands of pounds. Last year some families were overpaid by
more than £4,000.

Source:- Daily Mail, Friday, October 7, page 36

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