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As soon as we logged on to this website, we knew that we were going to like it, write Daniel Hardy and Rebecca Seden.

It is designed by a group of people with learning difficulties in Bristol, and was created because the group couldn’t find a suitable website for people with learning difficulties anywhere else, so they just designed their own. This is an excellent way of doing the site.

It is split into nine sections, one of which pays homage to the band The Residentz, and features songs and footage of them playing.

It is fantastic music.

The “Make friends” section offers a great way of getting to know people, although it is recognised that this will have to be carefully monitored. The Magazine section currently features two editions of the group’s magazine, which is both informative and amusing. And there are some funny cartoons.

It is accessible for everyone to use. We would recommend this site to anyone, and it also would be a great model for other groups designing their own sites.

Daniel Hardy and Rebecca Seden work for learning difficulties charities

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