Scotland’s children’s commissioner launches consultation

Local authorities, voluntary sector organisations, health and housing agencies are being asked to help shape the priorities of Scotland’s commissioner for children and young people.

Organisations who work with and for young people are being asked to participate in a consultation and select a theme for the commissioner to concentrate on.

Commissioner Kathleen Marshall said: “We have already asked the young people themselves what they would like to change but think it is also important to get the views of organisations who work with them every day.

“We have identified broad themes to allow flexibility. We want to be clear about our aims, but creative in our response, taking account of what others are doing and taking advantage of unexpected opportunities that might advance our agenda.”

The themes are:-

1) Promoting Proportionate Protection – balancing protection, fun, adventure and health relationships

2) Improving family Support – making sure that children, young people and families get real and effective support

3) Promoting social inclusion – highlighting the challenges faced by marginalised groups and seeking improvement

Once a theme is selected, Marshall said a plan of action would be produced.

Copies of the consultation from

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