Support orders not being used

Measures supposed to address the underlying causes of bad behaviour and accompany antisocial behaviour orders are hardly being used, it has emerged.

Figures contained in a Social Exclusion Unit report show that only 16 Individual Support Orders, which ensure Asbos are more effective, had been issued since April 2004 compared to the 1,200 Asbos.

ISOs are civil orders that are meant to be given to 10-17 year olds with Asbos who are not receiving any tailored support.  They compel young people to attend  specialist services, such as treatment for substance misuse, in order to tackle the cause of their behaviour.

The report states that the government wants to increase the use of ISOs and that it announced an extra £500,000 to fund this in June.  It adds that more needs to be done to publicise the orders and calls for consideration to be given to making the attachment of  ISOs to Asbos more automatic.

The unit also states that associating Asbos with preventive measures more often would increase voluntary and community sector organisations’ engagements in helping to tackle antisocial behaviour.

It concludes that at present such bodies often do not fully support local antisocial behaviour strategies as they view them as excessively punitive.

Transitions: young adults with complex lives-a final report from the social exclusion unit from 

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