Record number of Asbos issued in Scotland

A record number of 210 antisocial behaviour orders were issued in Scotland last year according to research.

It is the highest figure since Asbos were introduced in 1999 and 42 per cent up on the previous year.

According to the 2004/05 figures, 28 out of Scotland’s 32 local authorities used Asbos during the year with a total of 547 Asbos operating.

Further action is being taken in 96 per cent of known breaches of Asbos. Local authorities report that over one in five proven breaches results in a custodial sentence.

Asbo applications are now being prepared more quickly by local authorities and landlords.

“I am pleased that Asbos are increasingly being seen as an appropriate and effective way of bringing respite to beleaguered communities,” deputy justice minister Hugh Henry said.

“The fact that more and more are being granted suggests that Asbos are increasingly recognised as an important tool. The fact they are being processed more quickly than ever before shows that with increased usage comes increased experience within frontline authorities,” he added.

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