Three councils query joint area review scores

Three out of the first eight councils to undergo joint area reviews of children’s services have appealed about their scores, it emerged this week.

Staffordshire, Calderdale and Stoke councils have all appealed to Ofsted, though the inspectorate refused to comment on the nature of the complaints.

Only six representations about this year’s star ratings were upheld, two of which only partially, out of 46 appeals.

The other five joint area reviews took place in Enfield, Bournemouth, Herefordshire, Wirral and Slough and each received a report evaluating outcomes for children’s services in their areas.

The five councils also received the results of their annual performance assessment, covering education and children’s social care services, while their social care star ratings are due to be published shortly.

The ratings for those who have appealed will not be published until the appeals process has been completed.

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