Person Centred Planning and Care Management with People with Learning Disabilities

Book Review - Person Centred Planning Person Centred Planning and Care Management with People with Learning Disabilities                     
 Edited by Paul Cambridge and Steven Carnaby, Jessica Kingsley Publishers
 ISBN 1843101319 £19.95


There are many important issues facing the care management system today in the light of person-centred planning and approaches, and you would be hard-pressed to find a better collection of insightful and radical thinkers in this area than those featured here, writes Matt Dore.

It asks hard questions, and challenges the professional to adopt more inclusive and accessible work practices. Wherever you work in the field of learning difficulties you should read this book carefully and aim to put “person-centeredness” at the core of your practice.

Divided into three parts, it takes you on a journey through the research, critical analysis and history of person-centred planning. You are then faced with current practice in the field, with good ideas explained; and finally a look at how person-centred plans are being developed and implemented.

The good case studies and models of care management are aimed at making person-centred practice work. Like all good theory, it needs to be put into practice with positive outcomes for people with learning difficulties; and this book shows some practice that does this. The challenge for professionals is making it happen.

Matt Dore works in Hampshire with people who have learning difficulties

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