Report: Mental Health in the Mainstream

Mental Health in the Mainstream Mental Health in the Mainstream
 Jennifer Rankin, Institute for Public Policy Research,
 ISBN 1860302785, £9.95


Intended to raise the profile of mental illness and put forward recommendations for public policy, this report would be useful  to academics, researchers and statisticians, writes Greta Young

But as a carer for many years, I do not think it is suitable for carers. The ideas discussed are not new; for too many years we have hoped that resources would be made available, and been disappointed. 

This report focuses on many good ideas, but they are not original. Yes, there are islands of good practice but these are far from available throughout the country. There is not now, nor has there been, the political will to spend the money that is necessary to bring about improvements.

The author has, however, clearly established the difference between those with a common mental illness, and those with a severe and enduring mental condition. That perception is crucial.

However, it is stated that those who are acutely unwell have resources directed to their needs.  This is inaccurate as evidence shows their care both in hospital and in the community is poor. 

Greta Young is a carer in Aberdeen

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