Achieving Best Behaviour for Children with Developmental Disabilities

Book Cover - Achieving Best Behaviour

Pamela Lewis
Jessica Kingsley
£13.99; ISBN: 10 1 84310 809 7


Bookshops and TV Stations are groaning under the weight of parenting advice but there is very little aimed specifi cally at parents of children with special needs, writes Stephanie Fenner.

This book effectively fills that gap in the market.

At fi rst glance it seemed like an academic book, which was a bit daunting. The book is written as a course and has lots of checklists you can use to identify problem areas. From there you are able to develop a personalised behaviour plan. It also means that the book has a long shelf life as you can revisit it as and when you need it.

Most of its advice is practical. It prompts you  to think about how you manage your child’s behaviour problems and suggests alternative approaches. It also reminds you that you have to
work hard when trying to interpret your child’s behaviour, as bad behaviour might be because they are unable to communicate effectively.

It acknowledges the diffi culties of parenting, and points out that parents have to manage their expectations of their child’s abilities – something most parents find hard.

This book will be a handy addition to the bookshelf. However, it is not a book you can dip into – you’ll have to prepared to “get with the programme”!

Stephanie Fenner is a mother of a child with learning difficulties

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