So young, so sad, so listen

Philip Graham and Carol Hughes
Published by Gaskell
£7.50; ISBN: 1 904671 23 3


This book tackles a difficult and often misunderstood condition: childhood depression. It presents useful information in an accessible way, engaging the reader and providing valuable information in a thoughtful manner, writes Jane Powell.

It is packed with illustrations and facts and fi gures which serve to underline the complexity and seriousness of the problem. It is aimed at parents and teachers and others who come into contact with children and young people. It is written in a way that allows the general reader to understand the issues, while also providing a valuable resource to the health professional as well.

The book has an engaging and involved approach to its readers. The authors have managed to get the information across succinctly and with style. The index makes it possible to fi nd specifi c bits of information, although at 51 pages long it is easily possible to read the whole text. The further reading suggestions are useful to anyone who wishes to study the topic in more detail, although this volume is an excellent resource for those wishing to know more about the condition and also for those wondering how to help a young person who may be depressed. The
action sheets and referral pathways were particularly useful. 

Jane Powell is a health visitor and a mother of two children

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