Introducing Social Work

Book Cover: Introducing Social Work Introducing Social Work
 Edited by Steven M Shardlow and Peter Nelson, 
 Russell House Publishing
 ISBN 1903855527, £13.95


Are you considering a career in social work? Then this is the book for you. It should also be read by experienced workers and teachers in the profession, writes Billie Oliver.

The chapters trace the historical developments in social work thinking, policy and organisation and in so doing promote a persuasive, and often moving, argument for a reinvigorated practice based on the values of social and selfdetermination. Many of the chapters rightly stress the need for practitioners  to continuously reconnect with these values and principles.

The book manages to include some very recent policy developments and trends, and gives a flavour of coming changes.

At times, the content becomes more academic. My main criticism, however, is of the publishing style. The density of the text, layout and size of font is not attractive and makes it difficult to “dip into”.

It is a shame because the content is powerful and deserves to be read.

Billie Oliver is a principal lecturer in the school of health, community and policy studies at the University of the West of England

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