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The site is all about the criminal justice system. It offers support for disabled people who have been abused, and provides information and other links to sites about antisocial behaviour orders, writes Daniel Hardy.

It also contains information on how to contact organisations and charities that offer support for any area within the justice system.

Professionals working to secure people’s rights and protect them from abuse will find the site useful, particularly if they want to create more contacts in their field.

Victims of crime who want to find out what happens next should also look at this site. As well as providing links to other sites, crime victims can also find information about the police, being a witness and court processes.

There is a link that is useful for crime victims: under the title “Coming Forward”, you can report crimes online.

Given the amount of information on the site it is thankfully easy to follow and is not confusing.

The links are clearly defined and the wording is easy and to the point. It is a really good way to gain information about the criminal justice system.

This site will help people understand what is being done to reduce crime and protect victims, and access information about the help and advice that is available to victims.

Daniel Hardy is an equal access to justice worker at Voice UK, a learning difficulties charity working with victims of crime and abuse

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