Delivering Evidence-based Therapeutic Support to Children and Families

Book Cover: Delivering Evidence-based Therapeutic  Delivering Evidence-based Therapeutic Support to Children and Families
 Edited by Ann Catchpole, Russell House Publishing
 ISBN 1903855853, 22.95


Given the current restructuring of social care services to enable the provision of more joined-up services, this timely and thought-provoking book provides evidence that a systemic approach to the needs of the traumatised child can work well, writes Lynne Fordyce.

At first glance, it seems a complex but well-referenced book, which includes the story of how services for children affected by abuse have developed over some years through an interagency approach in Exeter and east Devon.

At the same time the book encompasses therapeutic approaches in areas such as adoption, disability and family work with case studies to illustrate the work that practitioners will find a good resource.

This book deserves to sit in every office where the effect of abuse on children is dealt with, by whatever discipline. Furthermore, managers of interdisciplinary services and service development would do well to read through the systemic components of the book and take from the positive and negative lessons learned.

Don’t be put off by the seemingly complex layout. This book works.

Lynne Fordyce is a member of a systemic, therapeutic service for traumatised children in Leeds

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