Amnesty ‘not ruled out’ for immigrants

Amnesty ‘not ruled out’ for 570,000 immigrants
A report by the Home Office will consider all options.
Source:- The Times, Wednesday 14 June 2006, page 13
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How can carers be supported?
Lack of recognition, ill health and financial problems are just some of the issues faced by the millions of people caring for loved ones. As Carers Week gets under way, we ask what should be done to help.
Source:- Society Guardian, Wednesday 14 June 2006, page 3
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Chief executive leaves Scope
After months of speculation, Tony Manwaring has finally left as chief executive of Scope. But what was really behind his departure?
Source:- Society Guardian, Wednesday 14 June 2006, page 7
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GPs face domestic killing quiz
Family doctors could be questioned whenever a victim of domestic violence is murdered. If a GP knew a victim was at risk, they will be asked why more was not done to keep them safe.
Source:- Daily Mirror, Wednesday 14 June 2006, page 7

Mother kills herself and son
A mother is thought to have killed herself and her five-year-old son. Anjun Cavanagh from Blackley, Manchester was the subject of a social services investigation into the care of her son, Dylan.
Source:- Daily Telegraph, Wednesday 14 June 2006, page 3

Social worker writes novel
Social worker Ed Trewavas turned the abusive and chaotic lives of the families he works with into a bleak and startling work of fiction. But at what cost?
Source:- Society Guardian, 14 June 2006, page 1
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How to recruit foster carers
A fresh approach to recruiting foster carers is helping to enlist much-needed new families.
Source:- Society Guardian, 14 June 2006, page 7
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Wait for it – that’s the advice for new fathers
New fathers should be encouraged to share a hot bath with their partner and give her a massage, a government-funded information pack for men advises.
Source:- The Times, 14 June 2006, page 17
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Schools fight fat with fingerprinting
Unhealthy eating habits could be banished as pupils have their fingers scanned at the dinner queue.
Source:- The Times, 14 June 2006, page 23
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Acute hospitals may close, NHS chief warns
Biggest deficit problem in East Anglia.
Source:- The Guardian, 14 June 2006, page 4
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The steady hand
Interview with Sir Ian Carruthers, acting chief executive of the NHS.
Source:- Society Guardian, 14 June 2006, page 5
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Scottish news

Review of checks on sex offenders
MSPs are expected to hold a special review into the system for dealing with convicted child sex offenders.
It is likely to cover guidelines for the sentencing and housing of paedophiles, as well as whether to warn local communities.
The move comes in response to a long-running plea by Margaret Anne Cummings whose eight-year-old son, Mark, was murdered by a paedophile living in the same block of flats in Glasgow in 2003.
Source:- The Herald, Wednesday 14 June 2006
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Strategy targets wasted potential of youth
A national plan to stop disadvantaged young people drifting into lives of crime, unemployment and homelessness has been unveiled by ministers.
Titled More Choices, More Chances, the strategy is aimed at eradicating the economic and social problem of the 16-19 year olds not in education, employment or training.
Jack McConnell, first minister, said the Scottish executive would now work with councils and the private sector to identify and help this group into education and then the labour market.
Source:- The Herald, Wednesday 14 June 2006
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New figures reveal 4700 people on free care waiting lists
Nearly 5000 older people have been left waiting to get free personal care, the first national survey of the scheme has found.
Figures released by the Scottish executive revealed that when the survey was carried out in February there were 709 people on a list to get their care package after passing an assessment.
A further 4005 were still waiting for their assessment to be completed.
It coincided with the Scottish health committee warning that the system needed to be overhauled if it was to avoid major problems in future.
Source:- The Herald, Wednesday 14 June 2006
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Experts’ praise shows school is truly special
A school for children with special needs has received the country’s best-ever review from education watchdogs. Clippens school in Linwood, Renfrewshire, which has 60 pupils, was given ten “excellent” ratings in a report by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Education.
The inspectors introduced their “excellent” grade last August as a way of recognising best practice in schools.
Source:- The Scotsman, Wednesday 14 June 2006

Welsh news

Outrage over quango pay-offs
Large sums of money were given to executives at a Welsh regeneration organisation when redundancies were meant to be avoided it has emerged.
The Welsh assembly government said at the time that its merger with the Welsh Development Agency earlier this year was not about cutting jobs but now it has been revealed that a “significant” number of staff were made redundant and given severance payments.
Source:- Western Mail, Wednesday, 14 June 2006
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‘Sexually abused kids need more support’
There is lack of support for children in Wales who have been sexually assaulted, a new report has warned.
The research, carried out by children’s charity Barnardo’s, found that children who had been sexually exploited who received intensive support were much less likely to continue to be exploited.
Source:- Western Mail, Wednesday 14 June 2006
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Why Welsh education budget doesn’t add up
How much money is spent on a child’s education is determined by an illogical system that means that the schools most in need of money don’t get it, assembly members have warned.
The finding comes in a report from the national assembly’s school funding committee.
The minister in charge of Welsh education is not likely to pass any comment on the criticisms until September when the assembly returns from its summer holiday.
Source:- Western Mail, Wednesday, 14 June 2006
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