Could you be my parent?

Could You Be My Parent? Adoption and Fostering Stories
 Edited by Leonie Sturge-Moore,
 British Association for Adoption and Fostering
 ISBN: 1903699827,


As a collection of stories written by adoptive parents, foster carers and their children, this book provides an excellent introduction to the joys, stresses and emotions in adoption and fostering, writes Elizabeth Webb.

A small commentary sets out general themes, but the strongest voice is that of the parents.

I found the section “Focusing on the Child” full of gems that clearly reflected my experience of listening to families and working with them through the complex issues that can arise when building new families.

New regulation and guidance ensures that prospective adopters are given counselling and information about the impact of adoption. This book would provide a good way of covering many key points, as it includes a variety of families and children, from different cultural groups and sexualities, and single parents of both sexes with many different experiences.

It does not shirk from the difficult areas, but gives a realistic and positive portrayal of the adoption experience today. I will be recommending it as essential reading to applicants and to social workers new to adoption.

Elizabeth Webb is adoption and permanence manager, TACT

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