Call over elderly

Call over elderly
Tax breaks should be provided by the Treasury to pay for social and residential care of the elderly a former cabinet minister will say today.
Stephen Byers is giving a lecture arguing that the cost of social care is one of the biggest emerging issues in society.
Source:- The Times, Thursday September 7 2006, page 2

Women migrants ‘suffer double discrimination’
Western governments must do more to protect women from forced migration, sex trafficking, forced marriages and employment abuses, a UN Population Fund report has said.
The report also criticised the UK and other countries for stripping poorer countries of key female workers, such as nurses, and said women often faced the double discrimination of being female and migrants.
 Source:- The Independent, Thursday 7 September 2006, page 19

MPs call for action over rising tide of anti-Semitism
British Jews are more vulnerable to attack and abuse now than for a generation as anti-Semitism become part of mainstream society, an all-party committee of MPs warns.
Source:- The Daily Telegraph, Thursday 7 September 2006, page 8

Teenagers do not trust database to keep details confidential
Teenagers say they might stop using contraception and abortion services because they do not trust the confidentiality of the new national children’s database.
Source:- The Daily Telegraph, Thursday 7 September 2006, page 13

Welsh news

Ex-boyfriend cuddled dying ‘overdose’ women
An ex-boyfriend told an inquest in Cardiff how he watched his former lover die slowly of a dugs overdose in line with her wishes yesterday.
Ashley Wheeler, 57, took Valium and codeine and then called her ex-boyfriend to tell him what she had done. Vernon Jones, 47, went to her home but did not call an ambulance as he said Wheeler did not want him to.
Source: Western Mail, Thursday 7 September 2006

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