Glasgow pay review could hit pockets

Union chiefs warned this week that some care staff at Glasgow Council’s social work department will lose money as part of a pay and benefits review.

According to Unison some staff in adult residential and learning difficulties services could be as much as £2,000 a year worse off under the council review.

There is also concern that some social care workers – formerly social work assistants – could be hit. This would be particularly controversial as they were given greater responsibility when the department was overhauled nearly three years ago.

Last week, the council revealed how the review – which aims to correct historically low pay for certain jobs – would affect each staff group, but the impact on individuals will not be known until the autumn.

Mike Kirby, chair of Glasgow Unison, said he was concerned by the council’s initial proposals because they had been delivered without proper consultation.

But a Glasgow Council spokesperson said half of all council staff would benefit by at least £500 a year while just 16 per cent would be paid less.

Those losing out would have salaries protected for three years and be offered the chance to develop new skills.

Kirby expects qualified social workers, along with residential child care workers, to gain overall.

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