Housing Transformations: Shaping the Space of 21st Century Living

Housing Transformations: Shaping the Space of 21st Century Living
Bridget Franklin, Routledge
ISBN 0415336198, £29.99


Bridget Franklin provides a detailed discussion on the revolution in housing design and building and the influence of society, writes Meic Phillips.

Part one of the book puts the development of housing in the context of social change, relating the advances in architecture and construction to the evolution of language and discourse within society, identifying and discussing the “connection between spatial form and social practice”.

This part of the book is full of sociological theory and written in a style aimed at academics and students. The second part of the book is nformative, nteresting and far easier to read. Chapters focus on particular types of housing and place each within its historical context, before discussing and evaluating specific examples and providing photographs to evidence the discussion.

It makes an interesting and thought-provoking link between material construction and society’s influence that will be of interest to academics, as well as offering an alternative perspective to housing professionals.

Meic Phillips is assistant director of Epic Trust, a care and support provider in London

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