The Big Question

Can the voluntary sector do a better job of running children’s homes than councils?

KIERRA BOX – Youth activist
If we move all underperforming services out of state control, we only let the government off the task of improving them and providing everyone with good standards of care and support. Let the voluntary sector manage services if they want to – after all many of its staff work with real passion – but don’t bog them down with bureaucracy.

RICHARD WEST – Inspired Services
If children’s homes are not being run properly then it needs sorting out. Voluntary organisations may be able to help, but I have some worries about this. Proper checks
must be done on all voluntary services. Any changes must focus on making the lives of children better, but they could be particularly confusing for kids with learning

LEN SMITH – Gypsy activist
I believe the voluntary sector can run residential homes better than councils. With real respect to those council employees who put heart and soul into their jobs, the
tendency among some is to perform their job satisfactorily but no more, whereas people in the voluntary sector often have a commitment that “adds value” to the

ANGIE LAWRENCE – Single mother
I feel the voluntary sector would provide a better service in children’s homes. The state is still failing in this task, despite increased spending and the levers of various
initiatives such as the Every Child Matters agenda. Voluntary organisations such as the Children’s Society are meanwhile making great steps forward in caring for children.

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