Lost in translation

By Maria Ahmed, Gordon Carson, Amy Taylor and Derren Hayes

Lost in translation
The government wants immigrants to learn English to encourage greater social cohesion. But language provision is in crisis.
Source:- Society Guardian, Wednesday 4 October 2006, page 7
Common Ground
Having lived for years on a council estate, middle-class academic Gillian Evans set out to discover what it means to be white and working class – with surprising results.
Source:- Society Guardian, Wednesday 4 October 2006, page 1-2
‘I survived by accident’
The co-ordinator of A National Voice knows that the system for children in care has improved since she was in it. Interview with Maxine Wrigley.
Source:- Society Guardian, Wednesday 4 October 2006, page 5
Women who take time out of work for maternity leave have no automatic right to the same pay as male colleagues who are doing the same job but have had no time off, Europe’s top court has ruled.
Source:- The Times, Wednesday 4th October, page 1

Pregnant teenagers are smoking to try to have smaller babies in the mistaken belief the birth will be less painful, public health minister Caroline Flint said yesterday.
Source:- The Times, Wednesday 4th October, page 35

Healthcare at asylum centre attacked
Healthcare at Yarl’s Wood immigration removal centre is inadequate and there is a lack of staff training, according to a new report by the chief inspector of prisons.
Health services at the centre are contracted out by Global Solutions Limited to Veritas Management.
Source:- Financial Times, October 4 Wednesday 2006, page 5

Teenager arrested in hunt for knife murderer is son of social worker
A teenage boy arrested in connection with the murder of a father of two in Hackney is the son of a social worker responsible for child and family welfare.
Source:- The Daily Telegraph, Wednesday 4 October 2006, page 2

Scottish news

Protestors thwart dawn raid on asylum family
Immigration officials abandoned a dawn raid on a family of failed asylum seekers after demonstrators gathered outside the tower block where they live.
An early-morning candlelight vigil was being held by up to 200 people outside the Kingsway Court flats in Glasgow when police and immigration officials arrived at 6.40am to detain a family of Turkish Kurds.
After angry scenes in which other asylum seekers and supporters shouted at officials, the immigration officials abandoned the attempt to detain the family.
Source:- The Herald, Wednesday 4 October

‘Sex-ASBOs’ bid to counter threat of 60 high-risk offenders set free
More than 60 of Scotland’s most dangerous sex offenders, freed from jail, have had emergency court orders placed upon them amid fears they will strike again.
Rapists, paedophiles and other violent criminals have had sexual offences prevention orders (SOPOs) taken out against them to stop them approaching women and children, entering public parks and going near primary schools.
Those subject to orders face regular police checks. If they are found breaking the rules, they can be arrested and held in custody. Several are currently in jail for breaching their orders. However, police admitted the offenders were not put under 24-hour surveillance.
Source:- The Scotsman, Wednesday 4 October

We must know if beast is our neighbour
The mother of a murdered boy has made an emotional plea for parents to be warned of convicted paedophiles living in their area.
Margaret Cummings told MSPs she believed her eight-year-old son Mark would still be alive if the law had been changed. Paedophile Stuart Leggate, who lived in the same tower block, killed Mark and disposed of his body down a rubbish chute.
Since her son’s death, Cummings has campaigned for parents and neighbours to be told the addresses of violent paedophiles in their area.
Source:- Daily Record, Wednesday 4 October

Welsh news

First minister blames ‘video age’ parents
Children are getting to nursery school without basic skills such as being able to name a primary colour the first minister said yesterday.
Rhodri Morgan blamed parents for children’s lack of skills and said that it was a particular a problem amongst families with lower incomes.
Source:- Western Mail, October 4 Wednesday 2006

Man held over death of woman
A mother was charged with the new office of familial homicide at Swansea Crown Court yesterday after the death of her baby.
Rebecca Lewis’s son Aaron Gilbert died in May 2005, aged 13 months.
The baby’s father Andrew Lloyd was charged with Aaron’s murder and familial homicide.
Source:- Western Mail, October 4 Wednesday 2006

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