100,000 drug addicts and alcoholics on benefits

By Clare Jerrom, Simeon Brody and Amy Taylor

100,000 drug addicts and alcoholics on benefits
A hundred thousand drug addicts and alcoholics are receiving incapacity benefits, it emerged last night.
The number of people claiming they cannot work due to their alcoholism or drug abuse has doubled in nine years.
Source:- Daily Telegraph  Thursday 12 October page 1

The tagged prisoners freed to kill
More than 1,000 prisoners released early from jail and tagged have committed violent offences including murder, it emerged last night.
Source:- Daily Telegraph  Thursday 12 October page 1

Health inspectors demand tough action to cure weak NHS trusts
Health inspectors demanded urgent action last night to remedy failings at 50 NHS trusts across England that scored the worst marks in a new tougher system of measuring quality.
Source:- The Guardian, Thursday 12 October 2006, page 4
Fish oil improves boys behaviour
Experts on omega-3 fatty acids said yesterday there was an urgent need for properly conducted scientific research on the impact of diet on the brain amid claims that fish oils have dramatically improved the behaviour of boys with some of the most severe emotional and social problems.
Source:- The Guardian, Thursday 12 October 2006, page 11
Race quotas ‘needed to end divide in schools’
State schools should bring ethnic quotas into admissions criteria to stop the segregation of pupils the head of the Local Government Association said yesterday.
Sandy Bruce-Lockhart said that full integration would never be achieved in Britain while schools were divided along ethnic lines.
Source:- The Times, Thursday 12 October 2006, page 1

Tax idea to tackle incapacity benefit
Employers who fund services to get people with mental health problems and back pain back into work quickly should be offered a rebate against national insurance contributions, according to Norwich Union Healthcare yesterday.
The measure would be aimed at reducing the numbers receiving incapacity benefit.
Source:- Financial Times  Thursday 12 October page 4

Alcohol sales to children rising
The proportion of supermarkets selling alcohol to children rose over the summer, despite a crackdown by ministers.
Source:- Independent  Thursday 12 October page 20

Paedophiles lead a better life in jail than I did in care
Actress Samantha Morton has slammed the treatment sex offenders receive in jail claiming they are better cared for then when she was in the care system.
Morton visited a sex offenders’ wing while filming her latest role as Myra Hindley and the actress, who grew up in children’s homes, said she was disgusted by the comfortable conditions paedophiles enjoyed.
Source:- Daily Mail  Thursday 12 October page 7


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