Pension inequality

By Mithran Samuel, Amy Taylor and Derren Hayes

Pension inequality

The government’s pension reforms will mean the system continues to discriminate against women, a report by the Equal Opportunities Commission has said.

Source:- The Times Tuesday 20 November 2006 page 2

Offender netted

One of the five child sex offenders listed on a child protection agency website has handed himself in.

Gordon Stewart, 29, gave himself up to Grampian Police within hours of being listed on the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre site.

Source:- The Times Tuesday 20 November 2006 page 2

Britain faces its deadliest drugs problem as crystal meth enters mainstream use

Police chiefs are warning that the spread of crystal meth – or methamphetamine – in the UK could become the country’s biggest drugs problem.

They say they have uncovered a growing number of makeshift laboratories manufacturing the drug and that it is becoming increasingly popular among clubbers.

Source:- The Independent Tuesday 20 November 2006 page 2

‘Poor should go to school at age 2’

Poorer children should start their education at age two to get the best out of later schooling, children’s minister Beverley Hughes told the education select committee yesterday.

Source:- The Independent Tuesday 20 November 2006 page 12

Baffled about how to quell your toddlers’ tantrums? Try TV classes, families are told

Government-funded research has found that watching TV parenting programmes on bringing up children can help reduce children’s behavioural problems.

The release of the findings comes as the government launches plans today to provide parenting classes to parents of children displaying antisocial behaviour.

Source:- The Guardian Tuesday 20 November 2006 page 11

 Right-to-die husband: We treat pets better than this

A woman in a persistent vegetative state has been given a drug to wake her up despite her family wanting her to be allowed to die.

The 53-year-old suffered severe brain damage in 2003. Earlier this month the High Court was asked to allow the withdrawal of her food and drink to enable her to pass away but yesterday a judge refused and ruled a drug which may wake her up should be administered.

Source:- Daily Mail, Tuesday, 21 November 2006, page 5

Scottish news

Politicians back overdose baby inquiry

Politicians from all sides have demanded an official inquiry into how a baby girl took a suspected heroin overdose.

The one-year-old was taken to Edinburgh’s Royal Hospital for Sick Children after she apparently swallowed the drug at her home at Wester Hailes. Her family claims she had an asthma attack.

The girl and her three-year-old sister have been taken into care. Lothian and Borders Police said they hoped to get the results of toxicology tests over the next few days.

Source: The Herald, Tuesday 21 November

Bid to enforce parking rights of disabled motorists reaches Holyrood

Proposals aimed at tackling the abuse of disabled parking bays have been launched by the executive.

If passed by the Scottish Parliament, the Disabled Persons Parking (Scotland) Bill would make all disabled persons’ parking bays enforceable.

At present, most disabled parking bays are courtesy only, so anyone can park in them without the risk of being penalised.

Source: The Scotsman, Tuesday 21 November

Welsh news

‘Professor treated by son like a rat’

A mother claimed that a paediatrician had treated her son like a “lab rat” yesterday.

The woman, who is from Gowerton, Swansea, make the accusation while giving evidence against David Southall at the General Medical Council yesterday.

Source:- Western Mail, Tuesday, 21 November 2006

Children in care still endure ‘serious problems’ as adults

A children’s charity is calling for a review of the care system in Wales after new figures showed many looked after children faced social problems in adulthood.

Voices from Care Cymru wants the Welsh Assembly to introduce a raft of measures to improve the outcomes of looked after children in Wales.

Source:- Western Mail  Tuesday 21 November

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