Reflections – Life Stories, Quotes, Poems and Snapshots from People with Support Needs


Mosaic (download) 

This is a gem of a book, writes Kay Sheldon. It has been produced by Mosaic, an organisation that provides homes and housing services to people with a range of support needs, particularly people with learning difficulties and mental health problems.

The booklet recounts the experiences and perspectives of service users through a variety of genres including narratives, poems, photographs and quotes.

The artwork has also been provided by Mosaic tenants. Overall the effect is a wellproduced publication that is informative and uplifting.

The contributions often relate to great struggles to achieve an ordinary life.

Contributors write: “Within six months I went from riches to rags”; “I lived in a long-stay hospital for a long time”; “I never felt safe…people used to knock on my door and bully me”; “I have got a job and get paid. I go to church and have friends…stuff I didn’t do before”.

The book should prove a valuable resource for all providers of social care. It would particularly be useful for new staff and for engendering a more holistic approach with existing staff. It may also inspire other organisations to produce something similar.

Kay Sheldon uses mental health services

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