Concerns over GP-style social care practices raised by local government chiefs

Local government chiefs have raised “fundamental concerns” about the GP-style social care practices outlined in the children in care green paper.

In a draft response to the green paper consultation, the Local Government Association said the idea was worth testing but questioned the wisdom of separating the corporate parent role, which would remain with councils, from the care provider function. And the paper, presented to the LGA’s children and young people board yesterday, suggested there was no evidence independent agencies “would be any more able to recruit and retain staff than a local authority”.

The document welcomed the proposal to extend foster care to 21 but warned it would result in fewer foster care places and increased pressure on residential care, and said pilot schemes must demonstrate how such challenges would be overcome.

The LGA also raised concerns about introducing another tier of inspection in the form of the proposed Ofsted inspection of the education of children in care.

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