From A to Z Woman’s Guide to the Law

 From A to Z: A Woman’s Guide to the Law 
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The purpose here is to empower women to make informed decisions based on a knowledge of their rights, and it is a book that any woman (and indeed many men) would find to be an invaluable resource, writes Roz Sullivan.

The guide covers a wide range of topics, including human rights, welfare rights and the court system. Complex areas of law such as equal pay and race discrimination are neatly separated into digestible chunks of jargon-free text.

This is not intended to be a book of high-brow legal analysis, but still succeeds in being surprisingly informative, particularly given that each subject is dealt with in no more than two pages. The relevant legislation is always cited, often with a little history on how the law has developed. Most sections conclude with a further information paragraph, including website addresses.

This is an essential reference guide for women, reasonably priced and for the environmentally conscious, guilt-free as it is produced using recycled paper and environmentally friendly printing techniques.

Roz Sullivan is a lawyer at the National Assembly for Wales



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