The Big Question

Should GPs be allowed to commission social care services?

Len Smith – Gypsy activist
If this is carefully thought through, then it could be a great step forward. I’m concerned about such things as what happens when a GP “expels” a patient for other reasons, and what will happen to GP-funded schemes? However, GPs are in a prime position to consult more comfortably with end users, and produce tailored solutions.

Angie Lawrence – Single mother
There are insufficient funds to cover the costs of necessary medical treatment – patients are being fed pills before they are offered a solution that actually works. This situation would worsen if funds have to then include paying for social care services. But I do think there should be closer communication between GPs and social services.

Richard West – Inspired services
It cannot be left up to doctors to say what people with learning difficulties need. It is up to us, we are the ones who know best. There is absolutely no evidence to show that doctors would be any good at doing this. Let’s face it, at present they are not good at doing their job of keeping people with learning disabilities healthy, let alone anything else!

Kerry Evans – Parent of two severely autistic children
I am chasing various agencies, some of whom have little contact with my autistic sons, to secure funding for respite care and home adaptations. If GPs can make financial decisions which help keep the vulnerable in a family environment, it might deliver the help before costly institutionalised care.


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