GSCC consultation on roles and tasks – have your say

Following the publication today of the GSCC’s consultation on roles and tasks, we are asking our online readers to set out their positive visions for social work.

Send in your suggestions – no more than 300 words – to Community Care by Wednesday 28 March by emailing

The most compelling description of the way forward for social work, as judged by the editor, will win an ipod.

We will also submit all the responses to the formal consultation process on your behalf, and the best ones will appear online and in the magazine.

Please use the following questions – which are included in the consultation document – as prompts for your views:

What does social work look like at its very best? 

What are the roles and tasks which should be reserved for registered social workers?

What roles and tasks should social workers not have to undertake? 

How is the balance of power between the roles of social workers and the people using their services changing, and what further changes are likely? 

How is the social work role affected by membership of/outposting to multi-agency teams?

How should more senior roles in social work be defined?

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