I’ve changed my mind, says woman in right-to-die case

I’ve changed my mind, says woman in right-to-die case
A terminally ill woman fighting for the right to die yesterday dropped her legal battle after agreeing to try more treatment.
Source:- The Daily Mail, Thursday 19 April 2007, page 5

GP who killed grandmother with overdose spared jail
A GP who killed a woman after injecting her with six times the correct dose of morphine was spared jail yesterday after claiming he had worked an average of two double night shifts each day in the two preceding weeks.

Dr Michael Stevenson, who was given a 15-month suspended sentence for the manslaughter of Marjorie Wright, had also suffered from depression since childhood.
Source:- Daily Telegraph Thursday 19 April 2007, page 7

Teenage Kicks
A 68-year-old man was kicked to death by four people after they accused him of being a paedophile in Southsea in Hampshire in September 2005, a court heard yesterday.

Brian Kitching spent five months in intensive care as a result of the attack before dying.
Source:- Daily Mirror Thursday 19 April 2007, page 9

Tag the elderly
Science minister Malcolm Wicks has sparked fury among older people’s groups by suggesting that some people with dementia should be electronically tagged to assure their families they are safe.

Help the Aged described the idea as a “big brotherish” solution.
Source:- Daily Mirror Thursday 19 April 2007, page 16

Too few nurses to even feed patients
Nearly half of nurses in hospitals say they do not have time to feed patients, in a survey carried out by the Royal College of Nursing.
Source:- Daily Mirror Thursday 19 April 2007, page 18

Welsh news

Labour to keep council tax low for OAPs
Labour has vowed to keep council tax low for older people in its senior citizens’ manifesto published today.

It said it would work with the UK government to provide older people with automatic tax rebates. Labour has also committed to investing in not-for-profit nursing homes.
Source:- icWales, Thursday April 19 2007

Police reprimands follow toddler sex assault
The two South Wales police officers on duty the night a toddler was abducted by a paedophile were reprimanded at a misconduct hearing yesterday.

The girl was taken from her home in January last year by Craig Sweeney, a convicted paedophile.

An investigation by the Independent Police Complaints Commission was launched after the girl’s father complained about the length of time it took for the police to respond to her abduction.
Source:-icWales, Thursday April 19 2007

Scottish news

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